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Here is an old blog post I came across while looking for something else. Sounds interesting – so here it goes – More from the Mentors to the Masters. What kept me reading was the way it starts off – Companies that want to win in the future have to understand how to make the […]

I came across this term on Putting people first that really I really like – informed intuition “Informed intuition is a systematic way of filling up your decision-making process with a deep understanding of whom you’re designing for, so you make smart decisions as opposed to guesses. We combine primary and secondary research to create […]

When you are looking for information on the net, which search engine do you prefer? Chances are that you use google first. Not to forget that Google is the first (and only?) search engine name to be verbized. I was reading about the blind tests on relevance of search engines; the results showed that roughly […]

Emerging markets is all the buzz phrase now. And China (along with India) most exciting among them for most companies… BusinessWeek has a cover story on the design-for-China boom across the world. …And foreign companies such as Sony are starting to see that as Chinese consumers get more discriminating, they’re no longer content with the […]

Joseph Carrabis on imediaconnection offers some insights on website design. Right in the beginning of his piece is the key question that needs to be asked – “When you look at an ad, can you tell after a few seconds exactly what the company does? Ditto for company websites. Increasingly, websites are acting as calling […]

Product design is no longer about scientists sitting in their offices (mostly in the West) to develop products (for the entire world, including the inscrutable East – atleast where technology is concerned) and launching beta versions for testing and refining. Anthropological methods (tweaked to suit commercial needs) being increasingly used by large technology companies are […]