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Here is a piece I came across – Complete Beginner’s Guide to Design Research – seems interesting and pretty comprehensive. And as always, I have a few windows open and find myself unable to read the piece at one go – so here I am bookmarking it, in a way. And I am glad, since […]

I am working right now on an article about a social issue that has been a topic of discussion in India for some time now. Enough has been said and written about it (so why am I writing more?! this article looks at tracing the roots of this problem and its “progress” and current activism […]

A fascinating article on the LA Times technology blog – YouTube applies science to the art of viral marketing – here and now data – and the perfect target respondent – any researcher’s dream! And a huge huge lesson here from an old post by webguru Jeremiah – A night at the Twitterbowl I keep […]

Read this interesting post on extreme user research [via elearningpost] User research… but not in the typical version, meaning lengthy ethnographic studies that seem to take forever before obtaining some data. I’m talking about a simpler way, a faster way of doing it. I call it “extreme user research.” What’s so extreme about it? Well, […]

Children do it best – launch into a story when asked a question. I believe it is a natural thing for adults could do it too, given time and comfort in the situation. Some links I have been hoarding on stories (for future reading, I promised myself at the time of saving them long long […]

Of late, I have been spending a lot of time on photography sites looking at some wonderful stuff and looking for tips ands tricks in the process. One thing I never could do with a camera is point it at someone’s face and capture a momnt or an emotion, or even just that face… (portrait, […]

I had read this bit on adrants a while ago… Focus Group Company Promotes Services With Cheap Focus Groups – For all you Boston area ad agencies that want to put your work in front of focus groups on the cheap, Bernett Research is offering a 20-30 minute focus group for $1,000. At first glance, […]