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Today, a friend and colleague was out on the field all day doing qualitative depth interviews. She met a respondent who had been attending groups everyday for the last three days. So much for strict and disguised recruitment criteria. Dina had written long ago about the problem of what we call ‘professional respondents’. Which is […]

As a researcher, I am always meeting people and asking them questions. Questions ranging from the Stupid (so, what do you do in your free time), to the Difficult to answer (what were your thoughts and feelings when you saw the ad), to the Irritating (can you describe this again in detail) to downright Personal […]

Dina writes about the ongoing debate on qualitative vs quantitative studies (her link through James Robertson). Having read both sides of the argument, she says I suspect both are a little extreme – and call for a case-by-case decision. I was naturally intrigued; after all this is a question that all researchers keep asking and […]

About my post you want values?, I must say that people have missed the point entirely……. The holler was not about observing (or not observing in this case) a holiday or remembering (or not) a specific date. Nor was my intention to compare Amitabh Bacchan with Mohandas Gandhi. (Gandhi) He was as much of an […]