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Long ago, at an informal workshop, I used this image to explain to young researchers the ideas behind qualitative data analysis. Here are some random thoughts from that time… What do you see? Most saw the old lady, a few who knew this puzzle saw both. And those who could not see both, after a […]

I had read this bit on adrants a while ago… Focus Group Company Promotes Services With Cheap Focus Groups – For all you Boston area ad agencies that want to put your work in front of focus groups on the cheap, Bernett Research is offering a 20-30 minute focus group for $1,000. At first glance, […]

Came across this on Dina's blog – "One thing remains constant about our humanity – that we must never stop trying to tell stories of who we think we are. Equally, we must never stop wanting to listen to each other's stories. If we ever stopped, it would all be over. Everything we are as […]

Research agency AC Nielsen ORG MARG is believed to have used the content on blogs and other online discussion forums for validating the consumer research it undertook for Nokia India’s fashion series handsets. Call it web ethnography (webnography), reports DNA. [link through contentsutra] The first I heard of netnography – or ethnography on the net […]

‘Why do mind maps work?‘ from George Johnson of Between Seeing (link via one of my favorite blogs, the innovation weblog) They work because the brain operates in circles. A simple way to think about this is to think of millions of bits of information in the brain flowing in circles. When two bits of […]

Was reading this line from Bill Bryson’s Short History …whether you are a lumper or a splitter, as they say in the biological world…. Any taxonomer can be either a lumper or a splitter. Right, that is the difference between quantitative research and qualitative research. Quantitative research lumps – studies large groups and identifies patterns […]

Fast-tracking research with paired interviews (link through elearningpost) Why why do research agencies still cling to conventional beaten-to-death techniques – even though in many situations it is not the best or most efficient method of data collection / analysis – so much so that qualitative research (atleast in India) has become synonymous with focus groups? […]