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I remember a session in college where our research methods teacher took us through a ‘follow my instructions carefully’ routine. He spoke aloud as he demonstrated simple actions – now raise your left hand, touch your ear and so on. And then ‘slowly bring your hand down and touch your cheek’ – he said, at […]

Time has this interesting article – India’s Call-Center Jobs Go Begging – about how young graduates are no longer interested in these once-attractive high-paying jobs. Young people say it is no longer worthwhile going through sleepless nights serving customers halfway around the world. They have better job opportunities in other fields. Kiran Karnik, president of […]

New blogs


Here are two great new blogs I came across recently – Ideas for development – an international group blog meant to stimulate debate on development issues. [through LSE’s media blog] and a blog devoted to creativity and innovation – get FreshMinds blog – ideas so fresh they could be slapped – heh! [through the Innovation […]

A great post on NY Times on how language makes everything official – the minute there is a word for it, any action or attitude becomes universally recognised and acceptable. Overly Wired? There’s a Word for It Was there gridlock before there were automobiles? Was there jet lag before there were airplanes? Who was the […]

Leave me alone!


If you think always on is not always good (as I do often), then isolatr is for you. Isolatr – helping you find where other people aren't 🙂 And please check out their faqs. I am sure isloatr is not going to thank me – or anyone else – for linking! [Thanks, niblettes, for the […]

About mindspace


Welcome to mindspace. This is a place where I park my thoughts on my work and interest areas. This will be my personal book mark of new ideas and perspectives on qualitative research, design and usability, innovation, technology, itcs4d and more. I have also archived here old posts relating to these topics, just for my […]



My husband received this sms last evening from a client who has recently moved abroad – HI (NAME SPELT WRONG) HW R U? Nice ‘thinking of you’ message – except 1. this was not written by a 13 year old, as you may have immediately thought (as I did – what with the all caps […]