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The WSJ writes (article only for subscribers) about Nokia’s new service in China that enables mobile phone users to download Chinese lessons on to their phone. Nokia plans to charge users for the new, made-for-China service, called Mobiledu, which it launched yesterday. The service, which includes both audio- and text-based lessons, aims to capitalize on […]

Kids as young as 2 years old are downloading content to cell phones, computers, and portable digital music players according to a report from NPD Group – says this report on InformationWeek. Two year olds! I got my first mobile phone when I was 27; the study says, about 15% of 2- to 5-year-olds and […]

Mobile phones. At first large and comfortable, brick-like. Then suddenly as in everything else, small was beautiful – mobile phones got smaller and slicker. And now, I find mobile phones, especially higher end versions becoming large again. People want to pay for a phone that looks ugly and is unwiedly to carry around – and […]

This week’s cover story on Time certainly seems to say so. [Link through ‘Putting people first’ – the multitasking generation] The story focusses on the ability of today’s kids to multitask with respect to technology, and what’s all that digital juggling doing to their brains, family life… On the positive side, Gen M students tend […]

Being sent to your bedroom used to be a punishment: now it’s a teen dream. Through personal computers, mobile phones and gaming consoles, teenagers are spurning antisocial angst for a culture of “connected cocooning”, reports the Guardian (link via textually). The article on textually continues, The mobile phone, especially, has become an integral part of […]



My husband received this sms last evening from a client who has recently moved abroad – HI (NAME SPELT WRONG) HW R U? Nice ‘thinking of you’ message – except 1. this was not written by a 13 year old, as you may have immediately thought (as I did – what with the all caps […]

Some things remain the same….. A recent article in McKinsey Quarterly talks about complaints in the US against mobile phone companies. A gist of the article (emphasis mine): The US wireless-telecom industry is number one—in complaints. In 2002, more dissatisfied customers complained to the Better Business Bureau about their mobile operators than about any other […]