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(More for my own reference and later reading…) Eye-opener (for me) discussions across blogs on the value of web 2.0 Link throughbusiness week online. From the corporate blogging blog – As we know, the thing about the Web 2.0 is that it is not one thing. It’s blogs, it’s technologies such as AJAX, it’s tagging, […]

Happy Monday Morning. Happy – to be back in Bombay, back home, and back at my blog (there, I said it) – and earlier than I had planned… Also happy to have come across this remarkable initiative in flickr – The Kalleda Rural School Photoblog. This is the photoblog of the kids at Kalleda Rural […]

I know, I know I am a big fan of conversational blogging and was right ahead during the comments-please crusade a few months ago.  But when I see what some bloggers go through, thanks to sickos who post rot on their comments section, I am forced to rethink – well, almost. Uma MD regularly goes […]

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I had written on info on the London bombings about how the blogging world had responded almost instantly to the bombs. And now I see this message on the discussion forum of flickr – Please don’t tag bombing pictures with muslim, arab or islam – someone (who has had his photographs tagged muslim / islam) […]

My blog has been changing homes – and now will hopefully stop misbehaving and disappearing at will… It is now hosted by Madman. While on blogs, take the short MIT survey on blogs – their attempt is to understand the way blogs are affecting interpersonal and social communication… Specifically we are interested in issues of […]

Last night, for the second Friday in a row, my blog disappeared – just upped and vanished. And again, in a state of near panic, I had to turn to my blog friends for help. ‘Blog friends’ reminds me of the time a friend at the LSE presented a proposal for her dissertation on something […]

A friend sent me a clipping from Newsweek yesterday – I am still in mild shock…. In this ‘letter from Tokyo’, the writer equates Sumo wrestling with blogging. (I did read till the end but I failed to get the connection but that is not the point of this post – actually there is some […]