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A fascinating article on the LA Times technology blog – YouTube applies science to the art of viral marketing – here and now data – and the perfect target respondent – any researcher’s dream! And a huge huge lesson here from an old post by webguru Jeremiah – A night at the Twitterbowl I keep […]

BrainReactions has an interesting post on the use of online focus groups while doing research on the young. Online focus groups – in this case, more of a panel of young people who will rgularly participate in research conducted online and save the rest of the world from watching the truly awful ads that somehow […]

Trends for 2007


Here are some interesting trends for 2007 as predicted by TrendWatching : Status Lifestyles : it is back to “status” this year – status interestingly defined in other than conventional ways, after all, as mature consumer societies are increasingly dominated by (physical) abundance, by saturation, by experiences, by virtual worlds, by individualism, by participation, by […]

I am feeling increasingly uncomfortable about all the “power of blogging” chest thumping going around. Look at our muscles, just look at how we bloggers have set the biggies to their heels. Atleast in India, bloggers are a very small, almost miniscule proprotion of internet users, who are a very small percentage of the population […]

BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting asks Does Wikipedia need editors and points to a post on Nicholas Carr’s blog. The law of the wiki is an interesting dicsussion on the idea of ‘quality’ on wikipedia. Here he suggests that posts on arcane topics are better than those on general topics, since only people with some specialized knowledge and […]

Happy Monday Morning… A week into work, this is what I come across… (From here) Working from home – and rather infrequently, my msn messenger handle was ‘Say NO to deadlines’. Time to change that now…? And this is a good reminder to put up the usual disclaimer on my blog – have done so.

Shoppers use blogs for bargains… says the BBC. Consumers are starting to use weblogs, or blogs, as guides to what they should and shouldn’t buy, finds a survey. A survey (conducted by whom and for what purpose, this does not say) says that people trusted blogs since they were written by “real people” and based […]

(More for my own reference and later reading…) Eye-opener (for me) discussions across blogs on the value of web 2.0 Link throughbusiness week online. From the corporate blogging blog – As we know, the thing about the Web 2.0 is that it is not one thing. It’s blogs, it’s technologies such as AJAX, it’s tagging, […]

Happy Monday Morning. Happy – to be back in Bombay, back home, and back at my blog (there, I said it) – and earlier than I had planned… Also happy to have come across this remarkable initiative in flickr – The Kalleda Rural School Photoblog. This is the photoblog of the kids at Kalleda Rural […]

I know, I know I am a big fan of conversational blogging and was right ahead during the comments-please crusade a few months ago.  But when I see what some bloggers go through, thanks to sickos who post rot on their comments section, I am forced to rethink – well, almost. Uma MD regularly goes […]