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Trends for 2008


Trendwatching has come out with its consumer trends for 2008 – status spheres, premiumization, snack culture, online oxygen, brand butlers, crowd mining, MIY – make-it-yourself, eco-iconic. It is fascinating to read how some of these trends have stayed over the last few years, and even more interesting is the way some of these trends intersect […]

Smart mobs has a link to some interesting research on our interaction with the internet – so, are you and the Internet a thing? A new poll shows that nearly 1 in 4 Americans say the Internet could be a stand-in for a significant other for a period of time. Among singles, the percentage was […]

Came across this interesting story through Steve Portigal’s blog on how Sian Reid, a sociology professor in Canada decided to teach her students a lesson in culture and enthnocentricism. “What people thought they saw was an orthodox Muslim female professor. What they actually saw was a female professor wearing a niqab.They had made an interpretation […]

gtr consulting, a qualitative research has published the gtrend report on the relationship between teens, technology and society [via putting people first] Teens no longer setting the trend, as has always been believed, but struggling to keep their heads above water as technology and society set the trends and the pace in whcih teens are […]

Or the method. Suddenly focus group bashing is all the rage. Just as “let’s do focus groups” was the war cry till recently… So when did focus groups move from being synonymous with qualitative research to becoming a hated f-word? And why? The answer to this is in the earlier paragraph itself. Used indiscriminately and […]

Have a look at this Happiness Index published by a British organisation called City & Guilds (Link through the FastCompany weblog). Hairdressers are the happiest workers in Britain: 40 percent say they are very content in their job (giving their careers a score of ten out of ten). Next in the happiness stakes are the […]

Here is an outsider’s view of the market research business – A question of questions – writes Rashmi Bansal. A jibe at QADR – Quick And Dirty Research – done by advertising agencies and clients to get a “feel” of the issue at hand – and also to cover their backside at the next presentation…. […]

Study quoted in Outlook on happiness levels across cities in India – Bangalore, City In A Deep Blue Funk Despite its weather and greenery; despite its emergence as the city of opportunities, Bangaloreans are India’s unhappiest people. Once again, a lot of figures and percentages quoted from this study by Synovate but little analysis and […]

Measuring a child’s IQ is an obsolete way to determine intelligence, and in fact, labels youngsters unfairly, according to a University of Alberta professor. From the Science Blog The traditional IQ measure, as can be expected when graphed, is a curve in the classic ‘bell’ shape where most people are distributed around the average intelligence […]

What Stylish Young Women Are Wearing No, this is not the sequel to Bertram Wooster’s ‘What the well-dressed man is wearing’. Further discussion on the age-old hypothesis that the length of hemlines is connected to prevalent social and economic moods… The economics and anthropology of the bare midriff – insights into the midriff and hemline […]