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I am suffering from blogger’s block – so here I go linking to articles that I found interesting but couldn’t muster the energy to think more about. Maybe some other time… Reuters here says that the world’s digital divide is narrowing. However, the study reports that the difference between the world’s Web-savviest nation Denmark and […]

Intel launches new ruggedized PC platform for India. I like the ruggedized bit 🙂 From their website, The new Intel-powered Community PC brings technology access to remote communities where weather and unreliable power compromise typical PCs. Many of these computers are expected to be used in Internet “kiosk” centers in villages across India. The kiosks, […]

HP Labs, based in Banaglore has announced a pen-based technology that will allow the Kannada script to be recorded and stored directly in the computer without the use of a conventional keyboard. From the article in Business Standard, The technology, which is also called the gesture-based keyboard (GKB), has been developed by researchers at HP […]

Microsoft to set up 50,000 IT kiosks in rural India The initiative, named ”Saksham” (self-reliant), would provide local entrepreneurs a chance to set up and manage kiosks on a self-sustaining basis for providing content and services to the rural populace. The article also says that the aim of this initiative is to reach 50% of […]

Jamais at Worldchanging writes about StarSight, a product system designed to proviede multiple utilities to developing countries. It is a system which allows the provision of multiple services including Wireless Internet, Wireless Street Lighting, Wireless Electricty, Wireless Security, Wireless CCTV, and Wireless Surveillance. And you can charge your mobile phone as you pass by, using […]

The developing world. And within that, rural. Children and education. And women. This is where all emerging technology seems to be headed. Politically correct noises? Or just plain marketing widsom? And is this here to last – and deliver the promise of accelerated development in these countries? Or a bubble waiting to burst? Yahoo studying […]

Lean blogging period. Here are links to a few interesting articles I came across – ave placed them here for my future reading too… Government Launches Two Portals For Women – via ContentSutra. Maintained by the NIC (National Informatics Centre), these sites are loaded with information and statistics (I checked out both). The NRCW website […]

Indian Express has an Independence day special series – India explained, India empowered. The series was flagged off by an article by the President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. The focus of the President’s note is “Empowering Rural India”- and is titled – India Empowered to me is Knowledge taking roots in the village. Read the full […]

Can’t find that information on the small business you were looking for? Now there is yellowikis – business information in wiki format. (Link through ResearchBuzz). This is what their main page says – We want to be like Yellow Pages (, Dun and Bradstreet ( and Hoovers ( all rolled into one – but open, […]

‘Mobilis’ PC @Rs10K! Encore, Encore!. The Mobilis, a Linux based desktop is slated for launch soon – priced roughly at Rs.10000. “The “Mobilis” would cost between 10,000-12,000 rupees per piece initially but the price may come down with large volume production,” Vinay Deshpande, chairman and CEO of the Bangalore-based Encore Software, told Reuters. Clearly, the […]