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I was thinking more on the previous post on observation versus interview methods. This is how I see the ethnographic method in the context of design / product development: consumer-led data and insights *** technorati tags: ethnography, design research, new product develpoment, observation

I have been hearing so many voices about ethnography-anthropology and the intersection point in design research. Am linking to some of those here mainly to bookmark them for my own reference. And some questions… Is ethnography the domain of anthropology(ists) alone any longer? How does the researcher (who may or may not be a trained […]

Happy Monday Morning. Happy – to be back in Bombay, back home, and back at my blog (there, I said it) – and earlier than I had planned… Also happy to have come across this remarkable initiative in flickr – The Kalleda Rural School Photoblog. This is the photoblog of the kids at Kalleda Rural […]

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Going through my technorati search, I found my post Anthropology at Intel linked to on this usability site. And they also had this really cool pic… (Anthropologist inspecting locals and viceversa – Link via usernomics) This is what I meant when I responded to a comment on this post yesterday saying that while many companies […]

Product design is no longer about scientists sitting in their offices (mostly in the West) to develop products (for the entire world, including the inscrutable East – atleast where technology is concerned) and launching beta versions for testing and refining. Anthropological methods (tweaked to suit commercial needs) being increasingly used by large technology companies are […]

Thinking more on netnography…. adapting ethnographic research techniques to the study of cultures and communities constructed through the Internet A community like ryze is reaching saturation point India-wise…. – Why are Indians such avid ryzers? – What kind of people do we network with? And why? And some questions Edward of livinginindia (or elsewhere on […]

Not a typo, this. Check out a netnographic investigation of online communities here. (Link through “Netnography,” coined from ‘ethnography on the Internet,’ is an emerging qualitative research methodology adapting ethnographic research techniques to the study of cultures and communities constructed through the Internet. There are links to Robert Kozinets’ site with netnography and much […]