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Lorenz at Antropologi has a very interesting link to play as research method – how do we best get data from children? Using insights gained from observing children at play, getting them to produce stories and drawings can be much more productive than merely getting verbal data from them. It keeps their interest levels high […]

I keep going back to read Grant McCracken’s views on the problems of what he calls partial ethnography. In the partial view, the ethnographer becomes, in effect, the marketer’s surrogate, a way for the marketer to see into the life of the consumer, his or her eyes and ears in place. The presumption here is […]

I have been reading a lot on corporate enthnography and what it means for new product devleopment and so on. And I have zealously saved and guarded the links, meaning to write about them somewhere. And this morning, this quote I came across on Abinandan’s blog prompted me to immediate action – Ethnography [has] escaped […]

I keep coming across this debate in ethnography methods about which kind of researcher is better: an external expert, researcher, observer, stranger to the local context. providing an etic perspective to the research and data needs? or a local informant – researcher, comfortable and familiar with the socio-cultural context, informing the research process with an […]

We want children to be their own ethnographers. Lorenz points to this article in The St.Johns Hopkins Newsletter by anthropologists Pamela Reynolds and Veena Das. “You can’t just interview children because most children will find interviews boring and walk away. So we need to facilitate a way for children to explain their own lives with […]

Research agency AC Nielsen ORG MARG is believed to have used the content on blogs and other online discussion forums for validating the consumer research it undertook for Nokia India’s fashion series handsets. Call it web ethnography (webnography), reports DNA. [link through contentsutra] The first I heard of netnography – or ethnography on the net […]

I came across this post – ethnography and new media – on working notes where the author has raised a lot of pertinent questions around the practice of ethnography. Here are the key ones : 1. What is ethnography? 2. What constitutes the truth in ethnography? 3. What is ethnography good for? 4. Methodological concerns […]