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The WSJ writes (article only for subscribers) about Nokia’s new service in China that enables mobile phone users to download Chinese lessons on to their phone. Nokia plans to charge users for the new, made-for-China service, called Mobiledu, which it launched yesterday. The service, which includes both audio- and text-based lessons, aims to capitalize on […]

I have just got back from an extremely relaxing and pleasant overnight cruise on the Superstar Libra. We set sail on Friday night (the 20th), far away from the heat and dust – and noise – of Bombay during Diwali and returned the next day at 2 p.m. Here is a detailed account of my […]

It is Diwali time in India – the festival of lights – and also the time when boxes of sweets are given to friends and family, dry fruits and nuts are consumed and offered to guests (October-November marking the onset of winter) and gifts are exchanged. This is traditional… And this is what Cadbury has […]

Design for BOP


This is a project that I intend to keep an eye on – design for the base of the pyramind – coordinated by the Institute of Design, Illinois. For one, I find their research methods as interesting (and dare I say it?, maybe more interesting) than the findings – remote research, observation, ethnography, photo journals… […]

In the who’s better at innovation debate,,the UN pitches in with this – The debate over India vs. China, who is most innovative, was addressed in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, March 13, in an article, “Low Costs, Plentiful Talent Make China a Global Magnet for R&D,” that is written off a new report by […]

Here is a very interesting pointer from putting people first – The role of ethnographic research in driving technology innovation – Lessons from Inside Asia. The piece is about the Inside Asia project team from Intel which has spent over two years in seven different Asian countries, including India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Korea, and […]

Jamais at Worldchanging writes about StarSight, a product system designed to proviede multiple utilities to developing countries. It is a system which allows the provision of multiple services including Wireless Internet, Wireless Street Lighting, Wireless Electricty, Wireless Security, Wireless CCTV, and Wireless Surveillance. And you can charge your mobile phone as you pass by, using […]