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Bombay, female, earth, rains, progressive ideas, humour, persistence,

what-makes-people-tick, qualitative research, friends, my blog, relationships,

sunflowers, P.G. Wodehouse, music, white wine, haiku, the hills,

road journeys, sunsets, crossword, creative thinking




social research methods & social psychology, London School of Economics & Political Science – LSE

marketing communications, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad – MICA

…economics, University of Madras


…qualitative research, social and developmental research, rural research, consumer insights, focus groups, depth interviews, ethnography, participant research, social psychology…

…innovation, design, emerging markets

…consumers, markets, development, culture, conversations, communication, people, quirks, desires, aspirations…


12 Responses to “About Me”

  1. 1 Niraj

    Hey Charu…

    Remember me? Niraj… panels… IMRB… Mhatre pen bldg…? I am with TNS in Dubai since 2002. Wassup with you? This stuff is really interesting. Congrats!! Lets meet up whenever we can. Are you in Mumbai? Cheers!!

  2. 2 Shailendra K Singh

    We are delhi based market research field agency.
    Pls tell yours detail so we can associate with you for any kind of field work.
    Shailendra K Singh
    Indo Research Services
    F-145, 2nd floor
    Pandav Nagar
    Delhi 110091

  3. hey ,

    good to s researchers o blogosphere. I was a researcher…later moved out…

  4. 4 Julia

    Falling into the whole research world after jumping into a Masters program at IIT here in Chicago and I love your ponderings. I am an Information Architect and the crossing of these two worlds facinates me. Carry on! And happy holidays, Julia

  5. Hi
    came across your webiste by chance. Also from LSE 1995, left India for UK just when I was offered Research Director post at MRB in Bombay. Also Orgnl. Psychologist with interests that echo yours. I will link you to my blog as soon as I have it up.

    But would love to keep in touch

  6. 6 Deepti menon

    Hii Charukesi,
    I came across your blog by chance, and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I may be disturbing you, But please do answer this query of mine. This is because I do not know a single professional who can give me advice in this regard.

    I currently live in Michigan and would like to become a Qualitative researcher. However am not sure about what academic qualifications I need to acquire. Wayne State university in Michigan is offering a course in Anthropology, where i can major with a dual concentration in “Business and Cultural anthropology”.

    A friend of mine says doing masters in Anthropology will help me get a job in teaching/ in a university rather than in a business environment.She says a wiser thing to do would be – Do an MBA, Get into market research and become a qualitative researcher.

    I have two questions to ask you:

    1) Masters in Anthropology or an MBA in marketing —- Which do you think is a better option to become a qualitative researcher and have a non academic career at the same time?
    2)In India are there enough job opportunities for a qualitative researcher?
    Thank you for your time and patience. I hope you will take some time off your schedule to answer this query of mine.

  7. 7 Sucheta Potnis

    Hi Charukesi,

    Just stumbled upon your blog when looking for stuff on Bundi and followed a few links.

    First of all, great photos – really good quality. The writing is good too, I look forward to reading lots more whihc is already up there.

    Take care,


  8. 8 daksh

    Supercool blog ! I was little curious to read your CV 🙂 guess the work-link doesn’t display much.

  9. hey daksh, had forgotten to update the link to my work -done now…

  10. 10 Payal Sarkar

    I am a MBA in Finance and Marketing. Currently working as a Business Analyst.Prior to this I was working in a leading market Research company in research operations. I want to further pursue a career in qualitative research.For this I think pursuing a Distance Masters degree in Psycology would be good.Or shall I do a Masters degree in sociology?Please suggest what other qualifications would be suited for me for entry into qualitative research. What are the future prospects in this career.
    Waiting to hear from you soon.

    thank you,

  11. Hey Charukesi,

    Just got to hear about you through QRCA. Susan Abbott to be precise… Can’t find your email id, though…

    I am a qualitative researcher based in Mumbai – have been so, for the past years and years now. Great to know about others in same / similar field. With India booming (blooming? shining? rising? whatever) lots of work out there… Am nowadays trying to take things easy while I pursue a PhD at IIT Bombay. In sociology actually.

    Do get in touch at proact@gmail.com. My blog on Everyday Life and Sociology is at http://proactblog.blogspot.com.
    Am a bit of a dhuh online – but as soon as I figure out how to add your blog as a link, will do so!!

    Best Wishes,


  12. 12 link

    Please let me know if you are seeking for another author for your blog.
    You have some good posts, and I feel I can be help.
    If you ever want to take some of the load off, I can write some material for your
    blog in exchange for a backlink to mine. Let me know if you are remotely interested – msg me.

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