Surrogate user research


Read this interesting post on extreme user research [via elearningpost]

User research… but not in the typical version, meaning lengthy ethnographic studies that seem to take forever before obtaining some data. I’m talking about a simpler way, a faster way of doing it. I call it “extreme user research.” What’s so extreme about it? Well, it can be done in 30 minutes per interviewee, and it generates loads of useful data that will have a real impact on design, thus making your website more profitable.

Daniel Lafreniere here is talking about surrogate research – talking not directly to the end users but those who talk to the end users – sometimes on a daily basis.

It is certainly an interesting idea – from my own perspective as a market researcher, I often think that it makes a lot of sense for the client [marketing company / design agency] to take inputs from researchers who anyway deal with consumers and users on a daily basis – and are constantly exploring, understanding and analyzing the changes they see over time…

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