Trends for 2008


Trendwatching has come out with its consumer trends for 2008 – status spheres, premiumization, snack culture, online oxygen, brand butlers, crowd mining, MIY – make-it-yourself, eco-iconic.

It is fascinating to read how some of these trends have stayed over the last few years, and even more interesting is the way some of these trends intersect to create, shall we say, sub-trends? like when snack culture meets premiumization in Europe, McDonald’s is replacing bolted-down, yellow-and-white plastic furniture with lime green designer chairs and dark leather upholstery

Of these, snack culture (instant gratification, easy bite sized pieces of information, here and now products and services) and online oxygen (control-craving consumers needing online access as much as they need oxygen) are here to stay and it will be interesting to see what forms they take in future…


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