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Smart mobs has a link to some interesting research on our interaction with the internet – so, are you and the Internet a thing? A new poll shows that nearly 1 in 4 Americans say the Internet could be a stand-in for a significant other for a period of time. Among singles, the percentage was […]

Time has this interesting article – India’s Call-Center Jobs Go Begging – about how young graduates are no longer interested in these once-attractive high-paying jobs. Young people say it is no longer worthwhile going through sleepless nights serving customers halfway around the world. They have better job opportunities in other fields. Kiran Karnik, president of […]

Came across this interesting story through Steve Portigal’s blog on how Sian Reid, a sociology professor in Canada decided to teach her students a lesson in culture and enthnocentricism. “What people thought they saw was an orthodox Muslim female professor. What they actually saw was a female professor wearing a niqab.They had made an interpretation […]

New blogs


Here are two great new blogs I came across recently – Ideas for development – an international group blog meant to stimulate debate on development issues. [through LSE’s media blog] and a blog devoted to creativity and innovation – get FreshMinds blog – ideas so fresh they could be slapped – heh! [through the Innovation […]