Design thinking for non designers


Here is an old blog post I came across while looking for something else. Sounds interesting – so here it goes – More from the Mentors to the Masters. What kept me reading was the way it starts off – Companies that want to win in the future have to understand how to make the most of design thinking. That means non-designers need to learn how to think like designers.

And what is striking, though not surprising, is the extent of overlap between design thinking and social-sciences and research thinking. I particularly found mysef nodding at this first note by Yves Behar, Founder, fuseproject – Design thinking is about filtering culture. To do that, you have to put yourself in the broadest possible context to understand from all different angles how people live and work. It’s not enough to be an observer, even an empathic one. You have to observe at the intersection of things.

Over ten years in qualitative research, this is what I have gained – a bank of accumulated insights over product categpories – and who is to say what you see happpening in the fast-moving consumer goods category is not applicable to say, tourism?

Go read it.


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