Trends for 2007


Here are some interesting trends for 2007 as predicted by TrendWatching :

Status Lifestyles : it is back to “status” this year – status interestingly defined in other than conventional ways, after all, as mature consumer societies are increasingly dominated by (physical) abundance, by saturation, by experiences, by virtual worlds, by individualism, by participation, by feelings of guilt and concern about the side-effects of unbridled consumption, status is to be had in many more ways than leading a somewhat dated lifestyle centered on hoarding as many branded, luxury goods as possible.

And various types of lifestyles have been descibed under this – transient lifestyles, participative lifestyles connecting lifestyles and eco-lifestyles. Given our own lifestyles of rootlessness, where the online world is fast becoming the “real” world, I can readily connect with the transience and connection described here – CONNECTING LIFESTYLES is actually a subset of ONLINE LIFESTYLES, which encompasses everything from status gained from the number of views for one’s photos on Flickr, the real estate one owns in Second Life, to the good looks (and outfit) of one’s avatar. Heh, what else is blogging all about??

Transparency Tyranny : Nothing is personal – or sacred any longer – Real-time TRANSPARENCY TYRANNY is on the rise for another reason as well: as more people are contributing, the sheer mass of reviews will lead to daily and who knows, hourly reviews on any topic imaginable.

WEB N+1 : If you are still struggling to understand web 2.0 and what sets it apart from “ordinary” web (1.0?), hang on – the report predicts web 3.0 and so on. So while the web 2.0’s user-generated avalanche will continue, we’re going to hear and obsess (again) about the Mobile Web, the Internet of Things, INFOLUST, Exploding TV, the Metaverse and so on.

Trysumers : Related to evolving and highly transient lifestyles and staying always-on, TRYSUMERS incorporates transient, experienced consumers who are becoming more daring in how they consume, due to a myriad of (sometimes) unrelated societal and technological changes.


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