Informed intuition


I came across this term on Putting people first that really I really like – informed intuition

Informed intuition is a systematic way of filling up your decision-making process with a deep understanding of whom you’re designing for, so you make smart decisions as opposed to guesses. We combine primary and secondary research to create user profiles and scenarios — that’s what we design to.”

Clear research data married to creative intuitive design – seems to me the perfect solution to making that leap from consumer insights to design thinking – that leap which as a qualitative researcher I often find myself unsure of making. And blasphemously, I also find myself sceptical of designers’ capability to create and manage meaningful consumer research!

Related to this is this very interesting post from niblettes – Design Must Relinquish Control. In an earlier post, he compares designers with authors… Although I have absolutely no empirical evidence for this, it seem like some of the most successful authors write with this in mind—they write to relinquish control. Designers on the other hand still seem to be greedy for ever more control. We still obsess over pixel perfection. Well said. I would take that further and think about how stories often emerge from the readers themselves – that way, they have more control of the product that we imagine…


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