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Lorenz at Antropologi has a very interesting link to play as research method – how do we best get data from children? Using insights gained from observing children at play, getting them to produce stories and drawings can be much more productive than merely getting verbal data from them. It keeps their interest levels high […]

I have just got back from an extremely relaxing and pleasant overnight cruise on the Superstar Libra. We set sail on Friday night (the 20th), far away from the heat and dust – and noise – of Bombay during Diwali and returned the next day at 2 p.m. Here is a detailed account of my […]

It is Diwali time in India – the festival of lights – and also the time when boxes of sweets are given to friends and family, dry fruits and nuts are consumed and offered to guests (October-November marking the onset of winter) and gifts are exchanged. This is traditional… And this is what Cadbury has […]

I came across this term on Putting people first that really I really like – informed intuition “Informed intuition is a systematic way of filling up your decision-making process with a deep understanding of whom you’re designing for, so you make smart decisions as opposed to guesses. We combine primary and secondary research to create […]