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I am suffering from blogger’s block – so here I go linking to articles that I found interesting but couldn’t muster the energy to think more about. Maybe some other time…

Reuters here says that the world’s digital divide is narrowing.

However, the study reports that the difference between the world’s Web-savviest nation Denmark and the least “e-ready” country Azerbaijan remains nevertheless huge, with respective scores of 9.0 and 2.9 out of a possible 10. India and China, including their less developed provinces, scored 4.25 and 4.02, ranking No. 53 and 57 respectively.

While this sounds encouraging, the truth is that within the lesser developed nations, there is huge disparity in internet penetration and usage : have-have nots, urban-rural, English-vernacular…

Sunil at balancinglife has some interesting thoughts on this – reach of the wiki

At Cnet news, Stefanie Olsen has an excellent series on the young generation’s unique immersion in the Web, cell phones, IM and online communities. Read When digital kids rule the classroom here.

So why not let tech-savvy kids turn the tables and teach the teachers? Everyone wins, believe educators like Scott Parker, a teacher at Megan’s school. Students learn career skills like collaboration and meeting deadlines, and teachers get on-the-job training in technology for the classroom, he said.

Given that for the young (and the young a heart) now-and-here is the preferred mode of communication, text messaging is being increasingly used by therapists for counseling people on everything from smoking cessation to sexual-abuse traumasmartmobs points to this article in the Pioneer PressProponents say the text-based conversations are appealing because they’re fast and anonymous — users can log onto a number of online services and connect with therapists who know them only by screen names. But many in the mental-health community say the format is too impersonal for effective treatment and should be only an adjunct to face-to-face counseling.

I guess the good thing going for such therapy is the assurance of anonymity and instant access – personal and detailed counselling can surely follow, if required?


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