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I am suffering from blogger’s block – so here I go linking to articles that I found interesting but couldn’t muster the energy to think more about. Maybe some other time… Reuters here says that the world’s digital divide is narrowing. However, the study reports that the difference between the world’s Web-savviest nation Denmark and […]

Mobile phones. At first large and comfortable, brick-like. Then suddenly as in everything else, small was beautiful – mobile phones got smaller and slicker. And now, I find mobile phones, especially higher end versions becoming large again. People want to pay for a phone that looks ugly and is unwiedly to carry around – and […]

I keep coming across this debate in ethnography methods about which kind of researcher is better: an external expert, researcher, observer, stranger to the local context. providing an etic perspective to the research and data needs? or a local informant – researcher, comfortable and familiar with the socio-cultural context, informing the research process with an […]

Design for BOP


This is a project that I intend to keep an eye on – design for the base of the pyramind – coordinated by the Institute of Design, Illinois. For one, I find their research methods as interesting (and dare I say it?, maybe more interesting) than the findings – remote research, observation, ethnography, photo journals… […]

gtr consulting, a qualitative research has published the gtrend report on the relationship between teens, technology and society [via putting people first] Teens no longer setting the trend, as has always been believed, but struggling to keep their heads above water as technology and society set the trends and the pace in whcih teens are […]

A great post on NY Times on how language makes everything official – the minute there is a word for it, any action or attitude becomes universally recognised and acceptable. Overly Wired? There’s a Word for It Was there gridlock before there were automobiles? Was there jet lag before there were airplanes? Who was the […]

Came across this on Dina's blog – "One thing remains constant about our humanity – that we must never stop trying to tell stories of who we think we are. Equally, we must never stop wanting to listen to each other's stories. If we ever stopped, it would all be over. Everything we are as […]