Ruggedized community PC for rural India


Intel launches new ruggedized PC platform for India. I like the ruggedized bit 🙂

From their website,

The new Intel-powered Community PC brings technology access to remote communities where weather and unreliable power compromise typical PCs. Many of these computers are expected to be used in Internet “kiosk” centers in villages across India. The kiosks, run by local entrepreneurs, provide access to online services such as e-Government forms, education and medical advice. The Community PC extends the benefits of personal computing to those who lack the access and the means to use technology.

Along with the community PC, Intel has also announced the launch of the ‘Jaagruti’ program as part of their objective of  empowering rural communities in India.

By collaborating with leaders in business, government, education, online services and Internet service providers, Intel’s Jaagruti program will support the spread of rural Internet “kiosks” based on the new Intel-powered Community PC. These kiosks will help accelerate access to the benefits of information and communications technologies (ICT) in villages across India.

Businessweek  has an interesting piece by Nussbaum on Intel Vs. The $100 Laptop For The Bottom of The Pyramid. Intel did a great deal of ethnographic work in rural India and come up with a business model that differs widely from the Negroponte-backed $100 laptop. It expects local entrepreneurs to own and operate these internet kiosks.


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