Blogs to validate qualitative research


Research agency AC Nielsen ORG MARG is believed to have used the content on blogs and other online discussion forums for validating the consumer research it undertook for Nokia India’s fashion series handsets. Call it web ethnography (webnography), reports DNA. [link through contentsutra]

The first I heard of netnography – or ethnography on the net – is through the ever-informative antropologi blog.

“Netnography,? coined from ‘ethnography on the Internet,’ is an emerging qualitative research methodology adapting ethnographic research techniques to the study of cultures and communities constructed through the Internet.

Robert Kozinets developed the method, terming it netnography – here is the paper where he describes the method: The Field Behind the Screen: Using Netnography For Marketing Research in Online Communities.

It is interesting to see the way this method is being adapted and applied to market research in India. The AC Nielsen ORG MARG study used a combination of conventional research methods, using online content on blogs and discussion forums to validate them. Anjali Puri, director, Winsights AC Nielsen ORG MARG, who has been quoted in the DNA report, blogs at Urban Junkie.


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