Gesture-based keyboard from HP


HP Labs, based in Banaglore has announced a pen-based technology that will allow the Kannada script to be recorded and stored directly in the computer without the use of a conventional keyboard.

From the article in Business Standard,

The technology, which is also called the gesture-based keyboard (GKB), has been developed by researchers at HP Labs India in Bangalore and holds similar potential for other Indian languages derived from the Devanagari and Tamil scripts, according to HP officials.

The HP GKB technology was easy to use through its pen-based interface. In addition to the text, GKB, which could also be used as a mouse, allowed the capture of signatures, pictures and visual elements.

Gupta said the simple gesture-based data entry method could make it easier to communicate for those who neither understand English nor know how to type.

Read about it here.

I had recently written about Microsoft’s efforts in bridging the demand-supply divide between illiterate domestic workers and potential employers. There are many many exciting initiatives happening in India right now – I am going to watch out for the ones that do work, and on a large scale… Read Maid in India here.


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    The product is now rebranded as uRekha and being retailed by Prodigy labs. You could contact for more details.


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