The India v/s China innovation race


In the who’s better at innovation debate,,the UN pitches in with this – The debate over India vs. China, who is most innovative, was addressed in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, March 13, in an article, “Low Costs, Plentiful Talent Make China a Global Magnet for R&D,” that is written off a new report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Source: Nussbaum in Businessweek

Interesting, considering that India too has both – low costs and plentiful talent. This bears thinking about – where are we lagging? And why? China certainly sems to be maintaining the price advantage, whereas India, like a commentor has said on this post, is moving up the price band, as it moves up the “food chain” of outsourcing. In which case, is there no value being perceived for the additional cost?
Read India Vs. China in Innovation: The UN Weighs in.


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