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Intel launches new ruggedized PC platform for India. I like the ruggedized bit 🙂 From their website, The new Intel-powered Community PC brings technology access to remote communities where weather and unreliable power compromise typical PCs. Many of these computers are expected to be used in Internet “kiosk” centers in villages across India. The kiosks, […]

We want children to be their own ethnographers. Lorenz points to this article in The St.Johns Hopkins Newsletter by anthropologists Pamela Reynolds and Veena Das. “You can’t just interview children because most children will find interviews boring and walk away. So we need to facilitate a way for children to explain their own lives with […]

This week’s cover story on Time certainly seems to say so. [Link through ‘Putting people first’ – the multitasking generation] The story focusses on the ability of today’s kids to multitask with respect to technology, and what’s all that digital juggling doing to their brains, family life… On the positive side, Gen M students tend […]

Research agency AC Nielsen ORG MARG is believed to have used the content on blogs and other online discussion forums for validating the consumer research it undertook for Nokia India’s fashion series handsets. Call it web ethnography (webnography), reports DNA. [link through contentsutra] The first I heard of netnography – or ethnography on the net […]

HP Labs, based in Banaglore has announced a pen-based technology that will allow the Kannada script to be recorded and stored directly in the computer without the use of a conventional keyboard. From the article in Business Standard, The technology, which is also called the gesture-based keyboard (GKB), has been developed by researchers at HP […]

In the who’s better at innovation debate,,the UN pitches in with this – The debate over India vs. China, who is most innovative, was addressed in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, March 13, in an article, “Low Costs, Plentiful Talent Make China a Global Magnet for R&D,” that is written off a new report by […]

I came across this post – ethnography and new media – on working notes where the author has raised a lot of pertinent questions around the practice of ethnography. Here are the key ones : 1. What is ethnography? 2. What constitutes the truth in ethnography? 3. What is ethnography good for? 4. Methodological concerns […]