StarSight and developing markets


Jamais at Worldchanging writes about StarSight, a product system designed to proviede multiple utilities to developing countries.

It is a system which allows the provision of multiple services including Wireless Internet, Wireless Street Lighting, Wireless Electricty, Wireless Security, Wireless CCTV, and Wireless Surveillance. And you can charge your mobile phone as you pass by, using solar power harnessed by StarSight. Whew! And what is more, StarSight is a low-cost low-maintenance utility. StarSight has two product bundles : the lighting system and the communication system. And they have set their sights on China, India and Morocce as their next markets. There seems to be no limit to what StarSight can do! Read about potential StarSight scenarios here.

To me, it looks like StarSight has the right understanding of the needs of developing societies. This offering has a lot going for it : to begin with are the basic conditions of low cost and low maintenace and environment friendliness (and using alternate sources of energy). It is also a bundle of benefits and not a focussed product offering, which I think is the way to approach such markets. And finally, the add-on approach – starting with a basic product offering and letting the consumer / user customize it to specific needs by adding on bits of utilities / benefits according to requirement and capacity.

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