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Emerging markets is all the buzz phrase now. And China (along with India) most exciting among them for most companies…

china_design BusinessWeek has a cover story on the design-for-China boom across the world.

And foreign companies such as Sony are starting to see that as Chinese consumers get more discriminating, they’re no longer content with the tired, designed-somewhere-else models that many overseas-based marketers once sold in China.

Read China Design – How the mainland is becoming a global center for hot products. And an interesting article on how products earlier only manufactured in China are now being designed there.

Wondering about how India and China are both “emerging markets” with huge populations and yet so different. More thought on this coming up…


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One Response to “Design for China”

  1. Yes aesthetics and design very important, especially in consumer durables and electronics. ‘acha lagna chaiye’.
    There is some good design innovation in India with institutes like NIID and the Design Lab at IITB – showcasing some great design. Doesn’t Bussiness World India do an annual issue on design in India?

    Seth Gordin (one of my recent acquisitions on bloglines) writes about design and serch-engines or rather the external design of search engines and how they are important.

    “Which reinforces my point that Google isn’t “better” for most people if “better” means more relevant or deeper. Google is better because it feels better and quicker and leaner and easier to use”


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