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When you are looking for information on the net, which search engine do you prefer? Chances are that you use google first. Not to forget that Google is the first (and only?) search engine name to be verbized. I was reading about the blind tests on relevance of search engines; the results showed that roughly […]

Jamais at Worldchanging writes about StarSight, a product system designed to proviede multiple utilities to developing countries. It is a system which allows the provision of multiple services including Wireless Internet, Wireless Street Lighting, Wireless Electricty, Wireless Security, Wireless CCTV, and Wireless Surveillance. And you can charge your mobile phone as you pass by, using […]

Emerging markets is all the buzz phrase now. And China (along with India) most exciting among them for most companies… BusinessWeek has a cover story on the design-for-China boom across the world. …And foreign companies such as Sony are starting to see that as Chinese consumers get more discriminating, they’re no longer content with the […]

Joseph Carrabis on imediaconnection offers some insights on website design. Right in the beginning of his piece is the key question that needs to be asked – “When you look at an ad, can you tell after a few seconds exactly what the company does? Ditto for company websites. Increasingly, websites are acting as calling […]

Being sent to your bedroom used to be a punishment: now it’s a teen dream. Through personal computers, mobile phones and gaming consoles, teenagers are spurning antisocial angst for a culture of “connected cocooning”, reports the Guardian (link via textually). The article on textually continues, The mobile phone, especially, has become an integral part of […]

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Welcome to mindspace. This is a place where I park my thoughts on my work and interest areas. This will be my personal book mark of new ideas and perspectives on qualitative research, design and usability, innovation, technology, itcs4d and more. I have also archived here old posts relating to these topics, just for my […]

I am feeling increasingly uncomfortable about all the “power of blogging” chest thumping going around. Look at our muscles, just look at how we bloggers have set the biggies to their heels. Atleast in India, bloggers are a very small, almost miniscule proprotion of internet users, who are a very small percentage of the population […]