Shopping and advertising on blogs


Shoppers use blogs for bargains… says the BBC. Consumers are starting to use weblogs, or blogs, as guides to what they should and shouldn’t buy, finds a survey. A survey (conducted by whom and for what purpose, this does not say) says that people trusted blogs since they were written by “real people” and based on actual experience. Real people… I wonder – think of all the “nice site. please visit my site” comments by the gambling and roulette “people” that blogs get everyday. I don’t know about shopping but for me, blogs are a credible source of information – I respect the opinions of bloggers I read regularly – and I believe there fewer personal and political agendas being played out in this space (I say fewer – fewer than on msm – but not none). While on this, Flickr User Upset Over Yahoo Ads on Photo Pages (through Adrants). Tanais on flickr has a picture of a gorgeous puppy – and right next to it is an ad for ‘…puppies for sale – ready now’ puppy ad Original here I see Yahoo is making use of the pictures I upload. I do not like my pictures being used to advertise a specific breeder (they may be excellent they may be terrible — that’s not the point)… so I shall sit down and think about how best to AdBust this – says Tanais under the photograph of the offending ad(s). Sure, the basic flickr account is free but does it automatically give yahoo (who owns flickr now) the right to advertise on all accounts? Freebies on the net too come for a price. I do not mind the google advertising on my blog – my funny notion about the fact that I have chosen to have the ads – but thinking about it, there is no control I have over the kind of ads that appear on my blog. My post against fairness creams for instance had ads for fairness products on my blog for the next few days – while the one on ‘veronika decides to die’ had ads around suicide prevention and counselling…

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