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The developing world. And within that, rural. Children and education. And women. This is where all emerging technology seems to be headed. Politically correct noises? Or just plain marketing widsom? And is this here to last – and deliver the promise of accelerated development in these countries? Or a bubble waiting to burst? Yahoo studying […]

Shoppers use blogs for bargains… says the BBC. Consumers are starting to use weblogs, or blogs, as guides to what they should and shouldn’t buy, finds a survey. A survey (conducted by whom and for what purpose, this does not say) says that people trusted blogs since they were written by “real people” and based […]

(More for my own reference and later reading…) Eye-opener (for me) discussions across blogs on the value of web 2.0 Link throughbusiness week online. From the corporate blogging blog – As we know, the thing about the Web 2.0 is that it is not one thing. It’s blogs, it’s technologies such as AJAX, it’s tagging, […]

‘Why do mind maps work?‘ from George Johnson of Between Seeing (link via one of my favorite blogs, the innovation weblog) They work because the brain operates in circles. A simple way to think about this is to think of millions of bits of information in the brain flowing in circles. When two bits of […]

Lean blogging period. Here are links to a few interesting articles I came across – ave placed them here for my future reading too… Government Launches Two Portals For Women – via ContentSutra. Maintained by the NIC (National Informatics Centre), these sites are loaded with information and statistics (I checked out both). The NRCW website […]

This weird and scary thing happened last night. Around 11 p.m. my husband who was browsing on the net received an SMS saying – your data folders are visible on my computer – please protect your data. Captain Desai. Or some such thing. Initially dismissing it as spam, my husband messaged back saying who is […]

Happy Monday Morning. Happy – to be back in Bombay, back home, and back at my blog (there, I said it) – and earlier than I had planned… Also happy to have come across this remarkable initiative in flickr – The Kalleda Rural School Photoblog. This is the photoblog of the kids at Kalleda Rural […]