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Going through my technorati search, I found my post Anthropology at Intel linked to on this usability site.

And they also had this really cool pic…

Anthropologist inspecting locals and vice versa

(Anthropologist inspecting locals and viceversa – Link via usernomics)

This is what I meant when I responded to a comment on this post yesterday saying that while many companies do this, what makes only some studies significant is their use of local anthropologists and reseaechers in place of Western experts. The overall context of my thesis at the LSE was cross-cultural research and the need for adapting research techniques to suit the immediate socio- cultural framework of the target audience. And I found that the area I had looked at  – rural research in India strongly vindicated this need. And my professor – from London – mentioned how he always took a local guide along when he did any research north of Glasgow. Language is just one of the issues – an outsider would take ages to get through even the initial understanding of local customs and culture. You would be surprised how a city-bred researcher Indian researcher can find herself easily out of depth in a village in India – especially if travelling with “city notions”…


Another site had linked to this post as well – this is the second time it is happening to me in a week – getting linked to by a site in a well, not just foreign but completely alien language. The first was when my post on the Big B’s bathing – or non bathing habits was linked to by a bollywood site in Netherlands. Atleast here, I did not understand a word of any of the posts but I spotted many familiar names on the site – check it out.

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