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Indian Express has an Independence day special series – India explained, India empowered. The series was flagged off by an article by the President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. The focus of the President’s note is “Empowering Rural India”- and is titled – India Empowered to me is Knowledge taking roots in the village. Read the full […]

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Going through my technorati search, I found my post Anthropology at Intel linked to on this usability site. And they also had this really cool pic… (Anthropologist inspecting locals and viceversa – Link via usernomics) This is what I meant when I responded to a comment on this post yesterday saying that while many companies […]

Product design is no longer about scientists sitting in their offices (mostly in the West) to develop products (for the entire world, including the inscrutable East – atleast where technology is concerned) and launching beta versions for testing and refining. Anthropological methods (tweaked to suit commercial needs) being increasingly used by large technology companies are […]

I had initiated a small research on my blog a long time ago. On understanding my generation. It was then trigerred by my loss of faith in the “younger generation” after they voted for Smriti Malhotra (of kyunki keta kapoor pays my salary fame) as a potential youth icon on MTV. Someone recently wrote to […]