Dealing with nasty comments


I know, I know I am a big fan of conversational blogging and was right ahead during the comments-please crusade a few months ago.  But when I see what some bloggers go through, thanks to sickos who post rot on their comments section, I am forced to rethink – well, almost.

Uma MD regularly goes through the comments-on-comments-off routine – and I know you will agree that her blog is more fun with the comments on…

And now Mangs has switched off comments on her blog.

I hate to see this happen with people who want to keep their blogs – and minds – open to conversations (as for bloggers who switch off their comments seeking better quality interactions through email, this is not relevant).

Spam comments, I have learnt to deal with. Hail wordpress!

Anonymous pathetic ones like this (on this post), I have learnt to ignore – or laugh at.

I am surprised that such things happen in India. Trust me, I never thought sexual harrassment is common or prevalent in our country. Maybe, I never bothered to look beyond books, the one thing I care about.

What happened to Mangs was sad but I think Mangs over-reacted. Yes, she over-reacted! What “Sanjeev Kumar? has already got is “cruel and unusual punishment”. And, no I think people are responsible for the acts of volition. If he were a psychopath or repeat offender (how do I know? Psychology classes!), she would have realized how the system wouldn’t have got anything in either US or India.

And this was from someone who signed in as anonymous coward. I kid you not.

But nasty ones?

Surely there must be a better way to control comments?

What are you comments on this ? 🙂


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