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I had written on info on the London bombings about how the blogging world had responded almost instantly to the bombs.

And now I see this message on the discussion forum of flickr – Please don’t tag bombing pictures with muslim, arab or islam – someone (who has had his photographs tagged muslim / islam) has raised this topic and it is wonderful to see positive responses on the forum –

For instance, I agree, we should not let people who have warped values make us into bigots or racist. Extremists want to separate the world and put religion against religion so they come off as “freedom” fighters.

I do not know a lot about Islam but I have muslim neighbors in my bldg and they too are angry at these evil people. If we start using tags such as Islam, arab or muslim then we should at the same time take everyone into consideration and use christian, catholic, american, protestant, jew. But this would defy what flickr is about since its about uniting people, not dividingadrianadesigner

There are so many nuts out there and more nuts to incite these ones…

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