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I know, I know I am a big fan of conversational blogging and was right ahead during the comments-please crusade a few months ago.  But when I see what some bloggers go through, thanks to sickos who post rot on their comments section, I am forced to rethink – well, almost. Uma MD regularly goes […]

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I had written on info on the London bombings about how the blogging world had responded almost instantly to the bombs. And now I see this message on the discussion forum of flickr – Please don’t tag bombing pictures with muslim, arab or islam – someone (who has had his photographs tagged muslim / islam) […]



My husband received this sms last evening from a client who has recently moved abroad – HI (NAME SPELT WRONG) HW R U? Nice ‘thinking of you’ message – except 1. this was not written by a 13 year old, as you may have immediately thought (as I did – what with the all caps […]