Yellowikis – business listings as wiki


Can’t find that information on the small business you were looking for? Now there is yellowikisbusiness information in wiki format.
(Link through ResearchBuzz).

This is what their main page says – We want to be like Yellow Pages (, Dun and Bradstreet ( and Hoovers ( all rolled into one – but open, free to both companies and users, global, multilingual and a lot more ecologically friendly.

ResearchBuzz quotes this from their about page: “Small companies – particularly those in developing countries don’t find it easy to set up their own web pages and get them ranked by Google and the other search engines. We hope that a simple entry in Yellowikis will help level the playing field.”

I think it is a wonderful idea… This is a boon for small businesses – a way to get noticed and connected at two levels – globally (for those ambitious service providers) and at a very micro level, within your city or local area – and for free… Check it out…

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