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My blog has been changing homes – and now will hopefully stop misbehaving and disappearing at will… It is now hosted by Madman. While on blogs, take the short MIT survey on blogs – their attempt is to understand the way blogs are affecting interpersonal and social communication… Specifically we are interested in issues of […]

Can’t find that information on the small business you were looking for? Now there is yellowikis – business information in wiki format. (Link through ResearchBuzz). This is what their main page says – We want to be like Yellow Pages (, Dun and Bradstreet ( and Hoovers ( all rolled into one – but open, […]

Last night, for the second Friday in a row, my blog disappeared – just upped and vanished. And again, in a state of near panic, I had to turn to my blog friends for help. ‘Blog friends’ reminds me of the time a friend at the LSE presented a proposal for her dissertation on something […]

Was reading this line from Bill Bryson’s Short History …whether you are a lumper or a splitter, as they say in the biological world…. Any taxonomer can be either a lumper or a splitter. Right, that is the difference between quantitative research and qualitative research. Quantitative research lumps – studies large groups and identifies patterns […]

This report from The Week says Xenitis Computers’ PC (AAmar PC in the east, AApna PC in the north, AAmchi PC in the west and NaMMa PC in the south) sells for Rs.10,000 – while the high end model is priced at Rs.25,000. Apart from the current pricing, two more things are striking : the […]