The Great Indian Survey Trick


Here is an outsider’s view of the market research business – A question of questions – writes Rashmi Bansal. A jibe at QADR – Quick And Dirty Research – done by advertising agencies and clients to get a “feel” of the issue at hand – and also to cover their backside at the next presentation…. And some tips based on her experience with the Great Indian Survey Trick…

I have called it an outsider’s view – I am in the ‘inside’ – in the market research business…. And I am very interested in knowing your experiences with market research – surveys / interviews / focus groups… have any?

Less than an hour after I wrote this, an interviewer paid me a call at home – with a questionnaire for DNA – and I was perfectly rotten about it – I wanted to see the questionnaire and had great difficulty in controlling my urge to tell him what I thought about the design…

But my experience was much like Rashmi’s – the boy asked for my name and some other details – and assured me that he would ask me only 1-2 other questions – while the questionnaire itself had around 10…

Boy : Which newspaper do you read now?

Self : TOI

Boy : Do you like it ?

Self : NO

Boy : Why ?

Self : * hesitation – where do I begin and why is he asking me open-ended questions *

Boy: Is it because it has too much glamour?

Self : * GET OUT *

A couple of thoughts
1. How glamorous can a newspaper get?
2. DNA is going to take this ‘research’ seriously and position themselves as a unglamorous newspaper?!


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One Response to “The Great Indian Survey Trick”

  1. DNA is a better newspaper compared to Times of India in the sense that I dont see all the negative news (murder, bombing, rape, terror, etc) and moreover they pick positive quite early.

    Coming to glamour, TOI is hated for this reason. Probably DNA wants to take up their positioning from this point.

    However Economic Times is very different.


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