Technorati’s 10 millionth blog


And I grandly ended my last post with When I think about it, this whole thing is not about the failure of links as a conversational tool in blogging, but the inadequacy of existing trackback systems. If someone else has picked up a post from my blog and has carried it forward, often I do not know about it….

While I still maintain that I find tracking systems inadequate, here is news that technorati has tracked its 10 millionth blog… In this post, Sifry talks about creating ripples using a simple tool such as this…

What an amazing trip this has been. I’m humbled by the amazing growth of the blogosphere, and the remarkable nature of conversations over the last few years. I would have never guessed when I started Technorati in November 2002 that by putting simple personal publishing tools in the hands of anyone who wanted one would have so many ripple effects around the world.

In other words, more on conversations…

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