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Have a look at this Happiness Index published by a British organisation called City & Guilds (Link through the FastCompany weblog). Hairdressers are the happiest workers in Britain: 40 percent say they are very content in their job (giving their careers a score of ten out of ten). Next in the happiness stakes are the […]

A friend sent me a clipping from Newsweek yesterday – I am still in mild shock…. In this ‘letter from Tokyo’, the writer equates Sumo wrestling with blogging. (I did read till the end but I failed to get the connection but that is not the point of this post – actually there is some […]

Here is an outsider’s view of the market research business – A question of questions – writes Rashmi Bansal. A jibe at QADR – Quick And Dirty Research – done by advertising agencies and clients to get a “feel” of the issue at hand – and also to cover their backside at the next presentation…. […]

And I grandly ended my last post with When I think about it, this whole thing is not about the failure of links as a conversational tool in blogging, but the inadequacy of existing trackback systems. If someone else has picked up a post from my blog and has carried it forward, often I do […]

I have often wondered about why some blogs (and I wonder all the more about the more popular blogs) do not have a comments feature… Came across this post on ‘what makes a blog a blog’ on Naked Conversations. If blogs are about open conversations, how can you turn off comments and claim its a […]

‘Mobilis’ PC @Rs10K! Encore, Encore!. The Mobilis, a Linux based desktop is slated for launch soon – priced roughly at Rs.10000. “The “Mobilis” would cost between 10,000-12,000 rupees per piece initially but the price may come down with large volume production,” Vinay Deshpande, chairman and CEO of the Bangalore-based Encore Software, told Reuters. Clearly, the […]