Paired Interview Technique


Fast-tracking research with paired interviews

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Why why do research agencies still cling to conventional beaten-to-death techniques – even though in many situations it is not the best or most efficient method of data collection / analysis – so much so that qualitative research (atleast in India) has become synonymous with focus groups?

I was doing some research for a large agency recently – on television viewing habits and channel preferences – and data collection was through surprise surprise – focus groups – in that situati0n, paired interviews or even family interviews made so much more sense – television viewing is strictly a family decision and the kind of compromises / interplay between family members would have made for fascinating and useful data – by the time I got involved in the project, there was no scope for any thought other than focus groups… and I feel that frustration each time I encounter focus group situations where other simpler tools would have worked better…


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One Response to “Paired Interview Technique”

  1. 1 Harshal Gajria

    Focus groups are a billing unit, and not neccesarily a technique, per se.

    In the eventuality one does use “unconventional” methods, acceptance of the findings might tend to become an issue.

    But I suspect that there is a greater acceptance of different technique nowadays. As long as everyone involved is aligned to the purpose, and agree with the direction. Consent, as in belief, and not neccesarily the dharamshala management variety!

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