Who is happiest?


Study quoted in Outlook on happiness levels across cities in India – Bangalore, City In A Deep Blue Funk Despite its weather and greenery; despite its emergence as the city of opportunities, Bangaloreans are India’s unhappiest people. Once again, a lot of figures and percentages quoted from this study by Synovate but little analysis and explanation of the reasons behind… Sachin Tendulkar (27%) is perceived to be happier than Amitabh Bachchan (23%), but Aishwarya Rai (34%) scores over both in Bangalore. Only 2% respondents felt Mukesh Ambani was happy.

Why??? Is this because of the limitations of the research methodology – purely quantitative – or of the research agency? Or is that we the readers demurely glance at these figures and move on with life without any further curiousity, demanding nothing more from such surveys… Also read my earlier post The Polling Game….

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