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As of last count on technorati, there are 5000 corporate bloggers in the world today. (Link through CorprateBloggingBlog). The operative word here, I think, is count. Surely there are many more corporate blogs (or bloggers) who have not been counted. And following this link took me to David Sifry’s page where he has an excellent […]

Measuring a child’s IQ is an obsolete way to determine intelligence, and in fact, labels youngsters unfairly, according to a University of Alberta professor. From the Science Blog The traditional IQ measure, as can be expected when graphed, is a curve in the classic ‘bell’ shape where most people are distributed around the average intelligence […]

The google desktop search has already got so many rave reviews from bloggers. Have downloaded it and I think it rocks… Talk of seamless searches… Seems to me Google is really headed places… and in the right direction… And just as I was chatting with a friend about this, he mentioned Google’s plans for a […]

The CEO bloggers’ Club had its first meeting yesterday and have published the report on the site… A space for CEO level people from across the world. Sharing local knowledge at a global level… Markets and culture as conversation…. Potentially a dynamite of an idea… I am going to watch this space with interest… And […]

What Stylish Young Women Are Wearing No, this is not the sequel to Bertram Wooster’s ‘What the well-dressed man is wearing’. Further discussion on the age-old hypothesis that the length of hemlines is connected to prevalent social and economic moods… The economics and anthropology of the bare midriff – insights into the midriff and hemline […]