More on ethnography on the net


Thinking more on netnography…. adapting ethnographic research techniques to the study of cultures and communities constructed through the Internet

A community like ryze is reaching saturation point India-wise….

– Why are Indians such avid ryzers?
– What kind of people do we network with? And why?

And some questions Edward of livinginindia (or elsewhere on the planet) always has…

– Why are there so many bloggers from Madras ?
– And what do they write about?

– And from this, can we say what Madras is like – about the kind of people who live there or are
from there – bloggers over the world with Madras ‘roots’
– Why not so many from Bangalore? (after all, Bangalore is geek city)
– What about Delhi bloggers?

– What about shopping behaviour on the net – how do different ethnic communities behave?
– And what implications does this have for the marketer? Advertiser? Both offline and online

– Ethnography on internal communication (intranet usage and behaviour) within an organisation
for more efective knowledge management and better work practices

Using ethnography to study online behaviour patterns of communities and using this to construct theories about offline culture. A step closer to understanding those we interact with only online… Visit cybersoc for some interesting studies….

I find the possibilities endless…..

And fascinating… (My mind googles at the possibilities. Did I say googles? I meant boggles)


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