‘India : A Media Analysis’


Came across a very interesting website today, India Resource Centre. And while browsing the site, also found this study India: A Media Analysis

As a strong advocate and enthusiast of alternative research methodologies (anything but the F-technique – Focus Groups, you dirty minds), this research fascinates me for the neat use of content analysis.

Like I keep saying repeatedly, there is so much research that one can do and data one can gather and analyse through secondary sources. Sadly enough, clients and researchers alike (especially in commercial market research) rarely think about them as serious data sources. The temptation to rush out and grab the first ten (or thousand, as the case may be) unsuspecting people to answer your questions, is just too strong. And very often, it is the simplest thing to do.

I had blogged about this a long while ago, on a research conducted by Rediff, through an analysis of the advertising consumed by the young Indian male.

Read this for more details on the study.
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I also downloaded and went through the actual research report from the site. The only disappointment was the total lack of a qualitative perspective in the reporting format. Why cannot numbers also be explained qualitatively?

That apart, also check out the India Brand Equity Foundation website sometime. Quoting from the site, The India Brand Equity Foundation is a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and the Confederation of Indian Industry. The Foundation’s primary objective is to build positive economic perceptions of India globally.


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