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With blogs, class doesn’t have to end when the bell rings – taking school home, and enjoying it too…. Learning on a blog… is much easier…. and so much more fun… The teacher also says that she found that those who were quiet in class usually came alive online – on the net, anyone, just […]

Came across a very interesting website today, India Resource Centre. And while browsing the site, also found this study India: A Media Analysis As a strong advocate and enthusiast of alternative research methodologies (anything but the F-technique – Focus Groups, you dirty minds), this research fascinates me for the neat use of content analysis. Like […]

Some things remain the same….. A recent article in McKinsey Quarterly talks about complaints in the US against mobile phone companies. A gist of the article (emphasis mine): The US wireless-telecom industry is number one—in complaints. In 2002, more dissatisfied customers complained to the Better Business Bureau about their mobile operators than about any other […]