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Beware! Big Brother is not just watching…. He is getting ready to actually open your brain and look inside it to see the processes inside. And all in the name of research…. shudder, shudder…. Have been reading a lot about neuromarketing, the neurological study of a person’s mental state and reactions while being exposed to […]

Chanced upon this article ‘Survival of the fittest’ in David’s blog (link thru brandmantra)….. his insightful analysis on why so many weblogs get abandoned after the initial euphoria…. Of all his principles, one particularly striking ‘when the words don’t come, work on something else’…. sound advice…. I often read blogspots that seem oh, so contrived…. […]

Dina writes about the ongoing debate on qualitative vs quantitative studies (her link through James Robertson). Having read both sides of the argument, she says I suspect both are a little extreme – and call for a case-by-case decision. I was naturally intrigued; after all this is a question that all researchers keep asking and […]

Earlier this week, I was at a conference where the focus was on ICTS for development in India. Among many interesting speakers was Prof. Kriti Ramamrutham from IIT Bombay. The Professor is working in the Media Lab Asia Project which has been described as the world’s largest academic research program dedicated to bringing the benefits […]

After adults and teenagers, it is now the turn of children…. To be researched as ‘consumers’. O&M India‚Äôs knowledge management unit, Ogilvy Discovery recently conducted a national-level study on Indian children in the 4-to-12-years age group. The aim of the study was to understand the pressures and motivations of Indian children, and glean implications for […]